Sunday, 6 December 2009


OK ... so saw the Coen Brothers' new movie, A Serious Man at my bijoux cinema club, The Lexi Cinema, and not really sure what I felt about it as - it just ended!  Literally ended as a tornado was about to hit a school.  Seemed to be about all the ghastly things that are Jewish and none of the good.  Found the lead character pathetic in the real sense of the word but otherwise full of very unlikeable people.  Feel the film fails to qualify as 'entertainment'.  The cinema is showing Biba next Saturday, a film about the wonderful Barbara Hulaniki (?) and I'm sorry I shall miss it (second time around) again as I shall be watching a production of The Snowman at the Peacock Theatre at the time.  Meanwhile, last night witnessed some great entertainment at the Chocolate Factory Theatre in South London - Sweet Charity.  Amazing, energetic performances on a tiny stage.  Great singing, dancing and acting.  Would not have been my choice as I hate musicals but I was treated alongside a group of other guests as a Christmas jolly.  Joyous and highly recommended.

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