Saturday, 25 June 2011

Added Spice

For another bolt of bold colour, add this stunning leather tote - exclusive to Selfridges - to any outfit for a bang up to the minute look.
Exude a getaway glamour with Pauric Sweeney's vibrant London zip tote. Combining a soft leather finish with distressed leather straps, it has a sophisticated mix of contemporary and vintage styling. Featuring a metal charm and leather signature tag...

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Perfect Whites: Game Set & Match!

Look the part and steal the show with Daks classic pieces ideal for Wimbledon!  Piece together your outfit from  Daks online - surprisingly chic.  Game Set and Match to the British.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

So Little Time - So Much Colour!

Slip on the Mono ToyWatch to inject looks with an instant hit of contemporary cool. Another statement addition to the Fluo collection, these block coloured timepieces feature a magnified date display, rotating bezel and striking polycarbonate finish. Metallic markers provide a glamorous accent. £130-£180.   Exclusive to Selfridges.  Better than the earlier versions introduced by Swatch ....

Friday, 17 June 2011

What a wonderful world ...


 ... With wonderful clothes and American cute kids!

Watch this lovely video narrated by Uma Thurman and discover the Ralph Lauren's  2011 Childrenswear collection !  Subliminal advertising and product placement taken to new heights!


Source : Youtube - RLTVRalphLauren channel

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Talking Heads!

There's nothing like an amazing hat to schuzz up an outfit - or to turn heads at a wedding or at Ascot.  Check out these beautiful images of Balenciaga millinery.  As perfect today as they were then!
Source:  Luxury Culture

Monday, 13 June 2011

Ines de la Fressange designer muse, French national treasure and one of our fashion icons, epitomises understated style as only the French can!
We've just discovered The Style Director (TSD), now online with a curated collection of perfect pieces for your wardrobe - choices edited and selected by fashion industry experts and icons such as Ines de la Fressange. Check out the site now for your essential summer items, regularly updated with seasonal choices. Adding to the editorial tone is The Magazine on TSD: up to the minute advice on trends and styles.   An added bonus - every purchase will make a difference with 10% of profits donated to the Cambodian Children's Fund!  The Style Director on Tumblr has some fabulous pictures, and is one of our favourite pictorial sites. 

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Tommy and Selfridges London

Discover the traditional women's Bass Weejun Penny Loafer selling in the UK for the  first time, with a  brand new limited edition from Tommy Hilfiger exclusively available at Selfridges London. In Blue Black, Bottle Green or the usual Black Burgundi or Brown , this time they're also available in Red or Black 'furry' finish. Some of the colours are available with heels .  An exclusive Selfridges edition with yellow stitching has been introduce to launch the collection.
You can of course order your loafers direct from the US - but it's nearly impossible to guess your correct size (I know ! I've made this expensive mistake!)
If you have 175£ to spare run to Selfridges and buy that perfect pair of loafers ! Think of them as a long term investment ... or purchase an easier to find pair of Tod's (or same your pounds and buy a pair or Bertie)


Friday, 10 June 2011


Here is a faaaab giveaway !


Do you want to win a wonderful Swimwear from Emobi ?

Of course you do !
Choose one of the shapes below (your favorite of course) and create the perfect outfit to wear with it !

So what is your favorite shape ? 

1 - Emobi Plain Red Bandeau set

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Do you want to win one of these ?

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1# : Like our Facebook page - The Fashion Bloggers and Follow us on Twitter - TheFashionBs
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The FashionBs team will announce the 4 winners!

Send us an email at : 
Subject : Emobi Giveaway
With your name (+FB and twitter name if different), your address,and your favorite piece !

You have 'til July 01st to send your email and your details !

Ps. Please note that the swimwear size to win is 10/12 and only plain color available.


Thursday, 9 June 2011

In Conversation with Ines de la Fressange: Three Kilos Less of Jewellery!

In Conversation with Ines de la Fressange and Sophie Gachet at Browns Hotel, Mayfair, in 2011


Ines rises from the sofa to greet me French style - a kiss on each cheek - and is charming enough to compliment me on my hair and clothes.  She is immaculate, taller than most (say 5'10") wearing a simple man's navy V neck from Uniqlo, cropped Prada trousers in a nude tone, and the ubiquitous Roger Vivier black patent shoes.  Following introductory pleasantries I delve in:
TSD (The Style Director)
Who’s your style icon?
IdlF(Ines de la Fressange)
I would like to say Katherine Hepburn
Much more interesting than Audrey
You are the first one to understand that!  Audrey was gorgeous moving in a fantastic way but she had Givenchy – he had talent.  She had talent in the movies.  But Katherine had her own great style.

If not, then anonymous people.  Big thing when Sharon Stone arrived with Gap white shirt!  All these people on red carpet have coaches.  It is not their own style – it’s made up. They are totally boring - all like bimbos, they never know who they are
Yes it’s a total look.  Never mixed up.
Do you think French women are more inherently chic than English women?
No.  Not at all.  English women have their own style - but our book is called Parisian Chic!
Maybe the English style is a little bit different. Parisian women have a very simple style.  They don’t try too hard
Both my children had very tacky moments.  But now they have perfect taste. 
Young people nowadays all dress more or less the same.  They all shop at TopShop.  Do you remember Carnaby Street?  It was great and we had all these crazy things to choose from.  But after 40 you suddenly have this feeling you can’t dress up  as you did when you were young  – but you don’t feel totally like granny yet!  But there is a problem for these women and sometimes the magazines don’t help them that much.  Sometimes they make an effort and its good and sometimes they don’t, which is quite sad.  And the idea was to help these women to explain they don’t need that much – just maybe the right things.
I love the book.   It’s like a little style bible.  I never knew you shouldn’t wear a necklace and earrings at the same time
You never knew but you never did it
Probably not but now I know I never will!
It’s better to say “no”!  People need laws (SD:  I think she meant rules or guidelines!).  Now that everything and anything is possible you see just the worst dressed women.  Maybe it’s not that bad to say “Don’t”.  We should start being intelligent about the way we mix clothes.

So many women think that something is jolly or witty and so often it is not.
I love your point about a great smile and great teeth making you beautiful.
Some women spend £600 on cream and forget their teeth and sometimes its good to say that. 
You mention the Burberry trench as an essential wardrobe item.  The Style Director is a one stop shop for classics with a twist, and the Burberry is a key piece.   So why is the Burberry trench your favourite? How do you wear it?
This coat would look amazing with blue jeans or maybe cropped black pants and ballet pumps.  I don’t know who wouldn’t look good in this look.  We don’t all need to look like fashion victims.  It’s better to look and feel comfortable. 
It was the first gaberdine raincoat.  During the First World War 1914  it was invented for use in the trench’s – hence the name the Trench.  It is the original
There is a reason why certain items last throughout the years
When you have to invest in something the quality is important
There are some things like this:  the Kelly bag, Todd’s loafers even the Chanel quilted bag.
Would you prefer the Todd’s loafer to the original Bass Weejun?
Bass are more difficult to find.  Todd’s have shops everywhere so they are accessible.  It’s not good to make things too complicated for shoppers.  It’s great to have basics like these.  It depends how you wear them.  
That’s a bad example Ines –you’re the face of Roger Vivier!
All the time I see people in the street and I think, if they had a good haircut, less makeup, less jewellery All women think “three kilos less and I would look better”.  No!  Three kilos less of jewellery and they would look better.
Do you plan your wardrobe the night before or in the morning?
I open my closet and think “goodness, I have nothing to wear”.   I can’t find anything in the wardrobe I want to choose and then, I am in a hurry, and I do what it says in French Chic – choose the classics and dress them up.
So heels or flats for the day?
Flats.  There is this thing about heels.  Life will not change with 10cm more in height.
It’s a funny idea about sexuality because when a man looks at a woman it is not at her shoes!  It is her eyes he sees first.  It’s the way she moves, talks, eats.  

If there was a fire in the house which clothes would you grab?
I would take pictures of my family, my American Express card to very quickly go shopping to replace everything.  But if I had to choose it would be a pair of eccentric snake boots from Vivier.   I don’t wear them that much but I just love them – very elegant and eccentric.  Nobody does that nowadays – eccentric and elegant.  
Did you work with Sophie together on the book?
She’s the brains, I’m the legs
The book really was a collaboration. We met at the school gates.  I am from Elle.  One day we had a cup of coffee and she asked for a lot of addresses.  We worked together on an interview for the magazine and then talked about the book.  We did all the addresses together – in every single store she bought something!  She did all the drawings and collaborated on the style of the book.  We worked very closely together – she is very visual.  I think it was important to have a lot of pictures.  Its true that sometimes when you say “Don’t” it changes – for example, bright colours.  Sometimes it is good to put some trends into your style.  Parisians always knows what the trends are although she won’t admit this.   She absorbs the trends.  
The Style Director is all about edited classics with a twist chosen by style icons.  What do you think of it?
It’s a great idea. There is nowhere else that edits the items down.  Fewer is better. 
Thank you Ines and Sophie - it's been a pleasure!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

DAKS today

Love the styling on DAKS new advertsing campaign.  Pity that most of the products are not available via their online version!  We think this is misleading - and disappointing - would be interested to know what you think too!

Monday, 6 June 2011

Some Beautiful Faces from Kate to Liz

Strange how true beauty never dates.  Marilyn from almost 50 years ago would equally WOW today; has there ever been a beauty to match Liz Taylor?; Katherine the Great with her offbeat androgynous beauty; Helena as mad bad and beautiful today; Brigitte who has never been matched; and Kate, before the fame and glory in Corinnes famous iD cover of the unknown - fresh faced innocence.