Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Goat Busters!

We have fallen in love with Wholly Goat (what a clever/amusing name!) producers of the most delectible and delicious pure cashmere shawls, all wrapped up with a 'feel good' factor.  Genuinely luxurious (simply brush the pieces against your cheek to feel the quality) additions to any wardrobe.  Made in Nepal from the finest cashmere, combed from wild Mongolian goats, the skilled weavers are rewarded with fair wages which allow them to educate their children.  Additionally, Wholly Goat is collaborating with the Snow Leopard Conservancy Fund to help protect the goat herders livlihoods as well as the habitat  of the endangered leopards.   What a great excuse to splash out on oneself - all for a good cause!  Check out the site, wrap up warmly in fabulous cashmere (feel the quality as they say) - then strip off in the summer and convert your shawl into a sarong.  Invest in only the best ...

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