Friday, 18 March 2011

Good for One and One for Good!

One of our very favourite young fashion labels is Goodone, a designer collection with "up-cycling" front of mind. "Up-cycling"???? - biking up steep hills perhaps? Non! This London Fashion Week exhibitor has made a deliberate choice to source sustainably since it was conceived in 2006. It uses end of rolls, offcuts and obsolete fabrics - all from Britain - combined with fabrics cut from once loved and vintage throw aways. Sounds horrible? Don't kid yourself. Design is the key element combined with ingenuity and fashion savvy results in desireable pieces you'll want to keep forever. Each piece is unique and Goodone also fits to size on request. And once they have your measurements on file they will keep them for your future orders. Check out the site and indulge - both for yourself and the future of the planet ...

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