Sunday, 12 June 2011

Tommy and Selfridges London

Discover the traditional women's Bass Weejun Penny Loafer selling in the UK for the  first time, with a  brand new limited edition from Tommy Hilfiger exclusively available at Selfridges London. In Blue Black, Bottle Green or the usual Black Burgundi or Brown , this time they're also available in Red or Black 'furry' finish. Some of the colours are available with heels .  An exclusive Selfridges edition with yellow stitching has been introduce to launch the collection.
You can of course order your loafers direct from the US - but it's nearly impossible to guess your correct size (I know ! I've made this expensive mistake!)
If you have 175£ to spare run to Selfridges and buy that perfect pair of loafers ! Think of them as a long term investment ... or purchase an easier to find pair of Tod's (or same your pounds and buy a pair or Bertie)


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