Sunday, 27 May 2012

Beauty Spots Chanel ...

In Greek mythology, the gods were said to be jealous of those who looked too perfect and hence created a small dark mark on their faces, just to disturb their perfection. Here, AnOther uncovers the hidden meanings behind the positioning of natural beauty spots...
Right eyebrow... symbolises a highly active and successful life.
Corner of the eye... indicates an honest, reliable and forthright person.
Nose... indicates a person who will be a sincere friend and a hard-working individual.
Cheek (either)... indicates a serious and studious person who has no interest in material pleasures.
Chin... indicative of people who are affectionate and caring. These people adapt easily to any situation. They love travelling and respect the law of the land. They are also dedicated and conscientious workers and willingly accept responsibilities.
Lips... indicative of people who always aspire to get ahead in life.
Picture and copy :  Another Magazine

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