Friday, 24 August 2012

Bond - age Japanese Style

Pleasure principle

Kinbaku-bi, anyone?

Titillating images of Japanese women in various bonded poses are on the verge of pornographic but oddly beautiful and inoffensive.

Meaning literally, “the beauty of tight binding,” Kinbaku-bi, the Japanese art of erotic bondage, has long fascinated Nobuyoshi Araki, who has made it one of his most important subjects. He’s been called a genius and a poet, and also a misogynist, a pornographer, a monster, but Araki’s work transcends simplistic moralistic classifications; he has said of his work, “There is no conclusion. It's completely open. It doesn't go anywhere.” Whether literally or figuratively, his bound subjects are certainly immobilized, yet in the most tantalizing ways.

This Collector's Edition is limited to 845 copies, each numbered and signed by Nobuyoshi Araki. It consists of three volumes, enticingly hand-bound in the Japanese tradition and packaged in a wooden box, featuring Araki’s selection of his favorite bondage photos from over his entire career.

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