Friday, 8 February 2013

Galliano v Dior: An Opinion


“Galliano appeared at a hearing at the conseil de prud’hommes (France’s equivalent to an employment tribunal) in Paris yesterday. His lawyer claimed victory after the court ruled it was qualified to hear the 52-year-old designer’s claims against his dismissal of creative director of Christian Dior in March 2011"

Galliano appears to have won the first legal bout with Dior.  His talent will undoubtedly be evident in his collaboration with Oscar de la Renta.  His previous income means he is a very rich man already.  Why not simply withdraw from the battle and allow his own genius to shine through under a label of his own making?  Withdrawing from the fight quietly would demonstrate enormous dignity - something perhaps that would complement his enormous talent and allow him to be considered now, and remembered in the future, as a creative giant of his time.

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