Sunday, 7 April 2013

Nudes & Dunes

"Weston soon emerged from his father's long shadow to be a seminal talent in his own right, with historian Beaumont Newhall crediting him as the first photographer to make negative space the focus of a picture"
Nudes and Dunes, currently showing at London’s Michael Hoppen Gallery, explores this capacity for abstraction further, pairing Weston’s shots of sinuous Californian sandscapes with the sun dappled forms of women underwater. For Hoppen, it was an amazing opportunity to show the works, particularly having discovered that the younger Weston had never before had a major London show. “The luminous tones of the dunes are so seductive and, when placed alongside the underwater nudes, the contrast of wet and dry creates a perfect marriage.”
Brett Weston: Nudes & Dunes is at the Michael Hoppen Gallery now. All prints are available for sale.

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