Monday, 16 November 2009

Time Flies ...

Three weeks since our last blog but we have been busy so forgive us! Went to the premiere of Harry Brown with the wonderful Michael Caine (playing a dangerously dangerous Michael Caine in Elephant and Castle). Not quite all it is cracked up to be but with the Murdoch family in the marketing background it is bound to be hyped to the hilt. Fear it might encourage violence rather than deter ...

Meanwhile I predict Alan Bennet's new play at the National will not be as popular as the History Boys but is equally good in its own right and, regardless of what the critics might say, deserves to be a big hit.

And the Anish Kapoor exhibition at the Royal Academy is a must for anyone even vaguely interested in sculpture. The polished steel pieces should bemuse and intrigue even the most hardened cynics even if the gigantic red wax river 'floating' through three huge rooms, or the cannon shooting huge blood red wax cannon balls, do not. Enough about culture and now for something completely different:

I have set my sights on a unique new watch (see the picture above) for my better half and have already started putting my pennies away in the hope these investment pieces will not all be snapped up before I am up to speed. It is a limited edition Rolex designed by a new website company, Project X Designs, which takes new Rolex's (Submariners and Daytonas) and customises them so that there are only 24 of them in the world! However, if I wanted an even more unique watch I could ask the company to make up to 19 changes to a new luxury wristwatch - their 'bespoke' watch service. Although I intend to purchase one for hubby I secretly plan for it to be adorning my wrist within days of being gratfully received by him! Can't wait until the end of the month when the two new limited edition PXD Rolex's are being introduced ....

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  1. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool