Wednesday, 6 October 2010


Was privileged enough to attend a private view of the sensory blasting Gaugin exhibition at Tate Modern last night.  For anyone interested in art, this is a definite 'must visit'.  Curated in themes, the images are hung in rooms which cover the earliest and latest works including  paintings and works from both Brittany and Polynesia.  The myth that he was a paedophile has recently been dispelled but he certainly had an interest in the voluptuous and sensuous young Polynesian women he painted, who were equally free with their sexual favours as he.  Most interesting are some of his works from Brittany where reds and gold and purples boggle the eye and were in advance of his colourful  island paintings. One can also see the likeness to Van Gogh's work - the two were friends but fell out.  Gaugin is a very modern painter and I can't remember enjoying an exhibition so much for a very long time. Go go Gaugin!

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