Friday, 22 October 2010

Oh No Charles!

Can't resist including this quote - which made me LOL - from Prince Charles who is getting worse than his father, well known for putting his foot in it!  If you're not an anti Royalist already, having read this you may well wish to reconsider:

"They tell me that in some shops they have started selling loaves of bread that are what they call "ready-and-sliced".  I fervently hope this is one trend that doesn't "catch on".  And is there really any need for this new fangled idea of soup in tins?  Broth tastes so much better bubbling away in a great big open pot, stirred by a chef who really knows his stuff and served at one's table in the open air by a marvellous old character somewhere on a wonderful Highland moor.  By denying our children such pleasures, I fear we are in pfound danger of cutting them off from reality"  HRH The Prince of Wales.  Reality?????
Image comissioned by Don't Panic from James Joyce

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