Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Fashion Press Week - or Art?

During Fashion Press Week at the Saatchi Gallery I snuck down (and encouraged others!) to visit the Richard Wilson oil installation  in the basement.  This is the MOST fantastic, ridiculous, piece of artwork (who in gods name would buy a roomful of oil?) and totally, fabulously impressive.  The smell alone grinds one to a halt. 
Whilst the guards looked the other way I hopped over the security rope and walked down the metal 'aisle' (now closed to the public due to too many fingers poking the oil) into what seemed like an out of worldly abyss.  This is a most sensational piece of 'art' and, if you have the opportunity, visit the Saatchi, drop in at the basement level, and pay homage to this arwork if for nothing else.  Please.  Fashion pshwaar .....

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