Friday, 26 November 2010

Goat Busters!

So, you want to look beautiful but want to do good at the same time?  Then splash out on Wholly Goat's fabulous cashmere wraps and shawls.  These gorgeous pieces are produced in Nepal using traditional methods and local craftspeople who are paid fair wages and provided with good working conditions.  To add icing to the cake they are offering a percentage of sales of their 'must have' knitted cashmere shawl, featuring the face of a leopard, to the Snow Leopard Conservancy dedicated to the preservation and breeding of this near extinct  cat. We've only just discovered this label but can guarantee we'll be devotees throughout the winter and will continue to flaunt our purchases as sarongs on sunkissed beaches  in the summer  ...  Invest in one of these beautiful pieces and be assured you are doing more than  simply flaunting  fashion.

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