Sunday, 28 August 2011

Beginning at the Beginning

Spent last weekend at the movies - the Nomad in Holland Park in the tented opera house on Friday and Sunday to see Some Like it Hot, on the former, and the wonderful Cinema Paradiso on the latter.  Both played to cinema loving full houses.  Comfortable and fun and pretty unexpectedly luxurious!  Then on to my favourite cinema club, the Lexi in Kensal Rise on the Saturday to see the well reviewed Beginners.  Best ever performance from Ewan who plays a guy mixed up emotionally by his father's decision to 'come out' following his mother's death shortly followed by his own.  But the film is a little 'cutsey' spending too much time on the blonde romantic aspects and less on the decision of the father which has long term consequences on those he leaves behind.  Despite these reservations, this is a film worth getting the DVD for (when it comes out!) whatever your leanings ....
Check out the Nomad's outdoor schedule - Queens Park in North London for Napoleon Dynamite next.

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