Sunday, 14 August 2011

Jude Law Flexes his Muscle!

Lucky enough to be invited along to view Jude Law and Ruth Wilson in powerful performances at the Donmar, I mistakenly turned up at the Almeida!  A heart stopping 18 minutes later I dismounted from an expensive taxi ride at the correct theatre to be informed by several men that they too had made this mistake in the past.
It is not until the second scene that Law hauls himself over the barge's edge from near death in treacherous waters to explode on stage, literally, heaving well-toned bare and oiled chest to take physical command of the performance with a faltering Irish accent.  He does not steal the show from Ruth Wilson whose performance is outstanding but is her equal. The intimacy of the Donmar makes the performances even more powerful.  However, the story itself is disappointing.  Our ending (as there isn't one):  both father and lover die at seat en route to Cape Town and Ruth goes back on the street.  What's yours?

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