Monday, 19 September 2011

Burberry Cools it for Spring

Just as Prada has a totally independent take on fashion, so too it appears does Christopher Bailey and Burberry.  This collection featured numerous hooded anoraks more suited to a wetter colder season than Spring (one hopes!).  Narrow stripes appeared on figure hugging skirts and one fabulous trench whilst bolder stripes featured on knitwear (and one ghastly horizontally striped outsized jacket). A sludgy palette was the order of the day with the exception of one single piece - a Mediterranean blue/turq trench.
Suddenly, African batik prints on twisted sundresses, tight skirts and jackets paced up the catwalk whilst the signature trench featured several times in a very cropped version.  This was a collection for this label's lovers who can be confident these pieces will be immediately recognisable as luxury Burberry. 

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