Thursday, 1 October 2009

And now for some culture ...

 ... visited the Turner exhibition at  Tate Britain on the same night Burberry held it's star studded catwalk show in the tent opposite the Gallery.  Tate visitors were bemused by the arrival of the glitterati and the flashing bulbs of the papps!  But I had the honour of bumping (literally!) into Lady Antonia Fraser (or Mrs Harold Pinter) at the Gallery - much more civilised and a great exhibition to boot where Turners are mounted next to the great masters he was influenced by.  The Anish Kapoor exhibition at the Royal Academy is definitely on my agenda.  More, once I have had the chance to view it...

Visited the lovely Lexi cinema club in Kensal Rise to see two very different films:  September starring Vogue's icy Anna Wintour and one of the greatest stylists of all time, Grace Coddington.  Surprisingly, I rather liked La Wintour who came across as  decisive but fair with a great eye for how pages should be put together.  Grace is obviously brilliant but seemed to think that every picture she produced should be included in the magazine and consequently came across as a bit of a moaner. 

The second film was District 9 - an alien sci fi movie set in Jo'Burg, South Africa.  Frightening, moving, terrific, with an interesting take on racism.  A definite must see.  And at the theatre, Speaking in Tongues, an amazing production with John Simm amongst the brilliant cast of four.  This is the play that the cult film Lantana was based on.

There's a new TV series to be broadcast in October called Treatment starring Gabriel Byrne as the psychiatrist.  By all accounts it does for relationships what The Wire did for gang life.  It is supposed to be outstanding but due to a major dispute with Sky (check out which has been withdrawing monies from my account without my knowledge or agreement - I may be cut off from extra terrestial tv and unable to view it! 

An art auction yesterday evening and a live broadcast of Alls Well from the National Theatre at the Lexi tonight.  Later ...


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