Friday, 2 October 2009

Forward planning

Summer’s only just over and I’m already thinking about my next break in the sun before the fog and gloom set in.

I’m thinking (obviously) somewhere abroad with buzzing nightlife. Check. Somewhere gloriously hot? Check. Brilliant sunshine, white beaches with a sparkling clear blue sea? Check, check, check.

And to complement my overseas, hot, sunny and overall luxurious long weekend I’m going to be needing a fabulous wardrobe to knock the flip flops off the bronzed locals. Luckily, I’ve discovered an amazing label, Michelle Jonas, on Travelista that I’m very selflessly sharing with you.

The gorgeous silk jersey fabric means that you can scrunch the pieces up small in your suitcase (so I can just take hand luggage!) and still come out looking crease free and glamorous! Perfect for style lovers jet-setting around the world from one luxury location to the next… grr! Luckily, it’s available to buy from a UK website, Beach Café, so I can start planning my packing now!

Unsurprisingly, Michelle Jonas has a huge celebrity following – especially in LA - with fans such as Angelina Jolie, Elle Macpherson, Heather Graham and Paris Hilton. And now me!

Unfortunately, I’ve just conferred with my family and it turns out we’re going to North Wales in October. Rain, wind and damp… these were not on my checklist! Think I’ll splash out on the Goddess dress anyway and style it up for Christmas!


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  1. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool